Life Nuggets

Nourishing tidbits to sustain and improve your life.

  • Realize that your “calling” might be to do whatever you are doing right now. A sense of purpose gives meaning to life, so try to see a purpose for even the small things. Goals and timelines are sometimes helpful, but they can also cause us to ignore the significance of this present moment.
  • Parents should not under-estimate how important their support is to their children.  Even adult children will flourish more if they can feel their parent’s love.
  • More important than finding work that you are passionate about is becoming good at what you do.  A job well done gives satisfaction. You can find meaning in the things you are passionate about during non-work hours.
  • That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This is a positive way to frame the hard things that you have experienced. All things work together for good.
  • Everyone is one extreme experience away from changing their mind on almost anything.
  • Opinions are the lowest form of human knowledge. Babies have opinions. Do not trust somebody because they have an opinion, but trust them because they have a reason to have that opinion. For yourself, have strong opinions loosely held. Argue like you are right, and listen like you are wrong.