You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are


“You are stronger than you give yourself credit for.” Some people who know me well have told me variations of this same thing. I’ve been returning to that thought repeatedly recently. In a Bible study at church yesterday a man described a horse tied to a plastic lawn chair in the middle of the road as an example of how bondage is sometimes more imagined than real.

That reminded me of the Israelites cowering for days before the giant Goliath and the Ted talk by Malcolm Gladwell that explored the possibility that Goliath may have had significant health conditions and poor eyesight, and that before the skilled slinger David, he was basically a sitting duck. His presentation turns the traditional reading of that story totally on its head, and I don’t know if it all is factually accurate.

But it does illustrate how we can be reduced to a quivering mass of fear, frustration and discomfiture before things that we could easily conquer if we just would. Some people might be overconfident, in which case this point is less relevant. But for me, it most certainly applies. Over and over again as I accomplish something that initially seems to be just too hard, I find that I can do it after all.

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