On the Emmaus Road


They had just come through one of the most traumatic experiences of their lives.  Jesus was gone!  Their HOPE had died.  And so they walked along, dejected, cast down, discouraged, disillusioned, and they discussed this.  Neither one could give comfort to the other, for they both felt just terrible.  What was the worth of living?  What would they do now?  A blue tint colored the whole world.  If a song bird trilled from the thicket, they didn’t hear it.  Life was not really worth living anymore.

But then a Man came to join them.  “What are you discussing?” he asked them.

They stood still, faces downcast. “Are you the only one visiting Jerusalem who doesn’t know the terrible things that have happened?”  Then they launched into the story, but in the re-telling they found no comfort.

But then the Man began to speak, and they were surprised by what he had to say.  “How foolish you are, and how slow to believe all that the prophets have spoken.”  Their hearts quickened.  Their hopes slowly began to rise.  Could this be true?

Arriving at their destination they invited the Man inside.  And as he broke the bread for supper and gave it to them, they suddenly saw him for who he was.  The risen Lord!  And just like that, he was gone.  “Didn’t our hearts burn within us while he was talking to us?” they exclaimed!  “I knew that there was something special about him! But just think, it was the Lord Himself!”  Read more of the story here.

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I sometimes walk the Emmaus road.  Sometimes with a friend, sometimes alone.  I tell a story of sadness, but there is little comfort in the telling.  As far as I am concerned, there really isn’t much hope.

This is part of living in a place that is partly darkened by a veil.  We see the Truth only through a darkened glass.  And sometimes we don’t see the Truth at all.

But sometimes someone joins me in my walk who speaks hope.  Something in my heart begins to twitch and quiver.  Hope begins to rise.  Could it be true?  Maybe I have it all wrong.  Maybe the resurrection has already happened and I just didn’t realize it!

Last Sunday was a day like this.  I sat on the church bench, walking my Emmaus road.  But the words of hope came to me, entering my mind and soaking gradually down to my heart.  The words began to burn as if they were alive.  My tears began to gather and slowly drop.

And now the veil is off of my eyes! I know that it was the Lord Himself that I saw that day!  I saw Him clearly in the face of the minister (whose face already dims in my memory), but it was the Lord, breaking unto me the Bread of Life.

Please don’t over-rationalize things to the point that you always need to take a preacher’s word with a grain of salt.  It may actually be the Lord.  Please don’t downplay the flash of sun upon your discouraged face.  It may well be the radiance from His face.  The flicker of the cardinal may actually be His smile, and the free cup of coffee just when you needed it may be a warming cup from the Lord Himself.

THERE HE IS!  Do you see him?

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