Of Cute Little Girls . . .

. . .  and a Jesus who is VERY kind!


I have a little daughter named Annika.  She has bright and sparkly eyes and is completely adorable . . . even more so than the little girl in the above picture.

The other night she met Jesus.

One morning a week or two ago she woke up after a night of rest and came into our bedroom.  I had already gone to work since I’m working long hours right now.  The first thing Annika said to my wife was, “Now I know what Jesus looks like.  I saw him last night.”

She must have had a very vivid experience during the night, because she can’t seem to stop talking about it.

According to Annika, Jesus is very kind.  My wife overheard her telling her little sister, “Jesus is very kind.  He really likes to hold you.  If you were sitting in your car seat, you wouldn’t even strap.  You would want to sit in his lap so much that you would get unstrapped and go right up to the front seat and sit in His lap.”

And according to Annika, He’s coming back.  It might be any day.  The first day she kept talking about Him coming back, and when evening came and He still hadn’t returned, in a sad and wistful tone, she said, “I guess He’s not coming back today.”

Sometimes she will sit at the window watching for Jesus to come.  Sometimes she asks, “Can I eat my breakfast over here by the window just in case Jesus comes?”  The other day she suggested that she will watch and if she sees a little speck, then the boys should quickly run out and put the dog away so that everyone is ready to go.

I am profoundly grateful to God for blessing us with this adorable little girl.


And I’m so thankful to God for visiting her the other night.  Her simple faith stimulates my faith and it humbles me as her father.

“Dear Jesus, please come back soon.  We all are waiting for you.  And nobody is waiting for you more eagerly than my little girl, Annika.”

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6 Responses to Of Cute Little Girls . . .

  1. Susanne Leuthe says:

    My litte boy 5 year old Leonard died 4 weeks ago after 3 month of cancer, and the picture of Jesus holding the child intimately, comforts me very deeply. Leonard was so sick, immobile, couldn’t eat and talk any more, and I know, with Jesus in heaven he now feels well and solaced, can jump and run and climb, can talk and eat again. With the death coming nearer I felt, that he really was eager to go to heaven and now he is there and he is happy with Jesus, waiting a short time for his mummy to come, too. You know, in heaven waiting is always only a short time.
    I will pray for you and your girl Annika, that she never will loose the deep connection with Jesus and can give his love to everybody who needs it. Will you pray for me, too?

    • Dear Susanne, your message was such a blessing to me. It touches me deeply and reminds me again of the important things in life. We do have this hope! And it’s a sure hope! I will pray that the God of all comfort will keep your heart. If you have any pictures of Leonard or a blog I would love to see him!

      • Susanne Leuthe says:

        I’m sorry, I can’t manage with the fotos to paste in here, nor do I have any blog. You can find me in facebook too, there I can put some fotos, if you want. Is your dauther still so in love with Jesus?

      • I think that I found you on Facebook and sent you a private message. And as for Annika, she’s 7 years old now. Her last diary entry mentions love, hope, and peace for the world and love for Jesus.

  2. Susanne Leuthe says:

    There was no private message in my facebook account. Look für Susanne Leuthe Germany Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz.

    • Yes, that’s the one. It said that the message would go into the “other” messages folder. I tried to add you as a friend and it would let me either. You may connect with me on Facebook. Search for Keith Martin in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. Or email me at Jesus . our . example @ gmail . Com with no spaces.

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